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'What the Knocker-Upper Woke Up'

Old London

Sideways. A stinking, ghostly hell, where time stalls and torment is endless. Among the blackened bones of a burned Victorian asylum, something stirs.  

Clutching her pea-shooter, Alice, the Knocker-Upper, realises too late her fate is sealed. Now, she’s Sideways, and fading to grey.

London, today

In a forgotten corner, Tess of the clock shop smells something wrong. Feels it in the ticking of her heart. When she stumbles Sideways and meets Alice, she knows life may not work out the way she planned.

While fighting her own demons, is Tess the one to destroy evil? What sacrifices will she have to make along the way?    

"This is not a book you can read a bit of and then put down and go about your day. It stays with you, the feelings it evokes don't let you go just because you have stopped reading."

Billy Lemonade is a beautifully crafted standalone YA story. If you like real, raw characters, authentic drama, and a dash of supernatural suspense, then you’ll love Sarah J Maxwell’s compelling journey.

Reviews for 'Billy Lemonade',

‘This could be the book that will be talked about for years to come.’

‘Thoroughly recommend young people and adults alike read this wonderful book!’

‘… but the real treat is the author's voice. If you enjoy free-flowing prose, laced with colourful, evocative language, you'll love this story.’

‘Every page is bursting with beautifully descriptive language that drew me into the world of Jane and Billy.’

‘Wow, what a truly wonderful book. The author’s prose is stunning.'

'Beautiful, vivid descriptions throughout. The characters are engaging and sensitively drawn.’

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Welcome to Sarah's world of words and writing. 

"Words are timeless. The journeys are endless."

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Who is Sarah J Maxwell?


A Writer’s Life

Read, write, repeat.

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”


Anne Frank


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