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Sarah is a Londoner living in Tasmania.

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She went to an all-girls school in Eltham, South London where she briefly studied (and quickly forgot) Latin, of all things, and where she discovered she could write.

At the age of thirty-one, she achieved a First-Class degree in English with Creative Writing from Greenwich University.


She has been married for twenty years and has two teenagers, two dogs and three birds. Her house is a mess.


Sarah is a fan of the theatre and has acted in several plays over the years. She loves reading, music, walking her English Pointers and is partial to a gin and tonic.


With her debut YA novel, ‘Billy Lemonade’, Sarah is being published by Whisper in early 2021. Her second novel is due out at the end of the same year. She is represented by Anna Klerfalk of InterSaga Literary Agency.


“As a teenager, I read copiously: Enid Blyton, Dick Francis, Stephen King and then later, Jane Austen. I am inspired by people; sporting heroes, friends, family; those who never give up.

“Laughing is better than most things.”

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