Two lives half-lived, a secret too big to hide



In solitude, Jane’s days are empty, bleak. Neglect by a cold mother who’s forgotten how to care and daily shunning by new teachers and peers leaves her yearning to belong.

In limbo, and living with his cruel stepdad, a desperate Billy aches for someone to set him free.

One summer’s day, in a special place they both call home, Jane and Billy find each other. From shared despair, their relationship flourishes, bringing joy and energy into hollow lives. As carefree days stretch before them, anything seems possible until, in the shadows of Billy’s bedroom, Jane uncovers a terrible secret that changes everything.

A beautifully crafted story about life, loss, togetherness, and letting go. Compelling, authentic scenes, a stirring exploration of grief, Billy Lemonade is a novel of substance that will delight all ages.

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