26th May 2021

On 26th May 2020, I signed my first ever publishing agreement with Whisper Publishing. To celebrate, Billy Lemonade will be FREE to download via Amazon. Promo runs from midnight 25th May to 11.59pm 27th May. Overnight - this happened:

Competition News!

May newsletter delivered and the winning word selected from the very many wonderful entries. Thank you everyone for taking the time to send me such tantalising words. In the end, I went with Jenny Nielson's word: HYGGELIGT, which is of Danish origin. You can look it up yourself, or wait until 'What the Knocker-Upper Woke Up' to find it and work it out! Congratulations, Jenny.

7th May 2021

Zoom call with the students

& Librarian of Y9 Book Club,

Eltham Hill School, London

Thank you to Mary, the Librarian

and to the students: Caitlin, Scarlett, Thilaksika, Avani, Raphaella, Amy, Erin and Keziah.

24th April 2021

The Y9 book club of my old school, in South London, has been in touch requesting a Zoom with me, after the students proclaimed 'Billy Lemonade' to be : "incredible, gripping, unexpected, unique characters and wholesome but dark." Thank you, Eltham Hill School Y9 Book Club!

Sign up below!

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